Be All You Can Be By Doing All You Can Do.

Be All You Can Be By Doing All You Can Do.

Be All You Can Be By Doing All You Can Do.Be All You Can Be By Doing All You Can Do.Be All You Can Be By Doing All You Can Do.


I can help the below average and average thinking person learn they have above average potential to do great things.

Life Talk 21

This blog is created for individuals looking for advice and strategies on how to  go from being below average or average thinking to operating in an above average success mentality. I believe that everyone have gifts, ability, and talent. We can all reach our full potential if we understand how mindset works. Helping you unleash that ability to be great will be my goal on this platform. My expectation is that you would take advantage of this opportunity while it is available to you. 

Mission Statement


My mission

My mission is to help the common person realize the greatness they possess by encouraging a Growth Mindset where you believe you can do or accomplish anything you are willing to work for. Behavior Specialist, Author, Public Speaker, Educator, Risk Reduction Instructor, Rehab Facilitator, NAMI Supporter, Basketball Coach, and many other certification. 


My writing roots

I started writing  like most authors out of my pain from seeing young talented people, especially my own, throw their lives away for drugs and alcohol. Also being an educator I see how students with tons of talent lack motivation to push themselves forward to success.


My vision

I  provide Mindset training so that youth can go from fixed mindset to growth mindset. I also provide alcohol/drug risk reduction seminars to help reduce the affect they have on youth outcomes.


From Dependency To Freedom, But I Still Must Fight


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This is the best support book for addicted individuals and their loved ones that you can buy. Short and easy to read, but powerful and very informative.


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The Immaculate Concept of Me

The Immaculate Concept of Me

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